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Take a look at who are our partners and where you can trade with CryptoBRL.

Alterbank is one of the main CryptoBanks in Brazil, where you can charge your digital account, pay bills and load your VISA Contactless credit card. You can also receive or send funds to exchanges that accept CryptoBRL
BitPreƧo is a platform connected to dozens of exchanges in search of the best price, which currently has one of the largest volumes of Bitcoin and Ether trading in Brazil. Is also allowed to make deposits and withdrawals, with ZERO FEES, using CryptoBRL
Kamoney is one of the leading cryptocurrency payment sites, and now it is also accepted CryptoBRL, allowing you to payslips, load your MASTERCARD card, put credits to your Phone and even to pay your Uber ride.
Bisq is a decentralized exchange, which runs on several computers around the world, which is very similar to Bitcoin. Now, with CryptoBRL you are able to trade your cryptocurrencies in complete privacy, something that you couldn't do before, through personalized bank accounts.
Biscoint is one of the largest Bitcoin price comparators in Brazil and, recently, it also allowed the purchase and sale of Bitcoins on its platform. You can now also use CryptoBRL to send funds or withdraw to other exchanges, making arbitrations using cBRL.
A BitRecife is an exchange that has a modern and very reliable platform. And now it is also possible to trade CryptoBRL, exchanging for Brazilian FIAT money with ZERO FEES.
Bullgain is another exchange that uses Bleutrade's excellent trading system, making it possible to exchange CBRL tokens for Brazilian currency (Reais), beyond trading Bitcoins and Tethers on its platform.
A EXC Cripto was the first exchange in Brazil to specialize in Crypto-Crypto negotiations. And to pair some markets with the Brazilian currency, they use CryptoBRL as a base, in the BTC-CBRL and USDT-CBRL markets.
With several years of experience in the OTC and P2P markets, a group of Businessmen came together to create one of the newest Brazilian exchanges, ComprarBiticon. There you can exchange your CBRL tokens for Brazilian currency (Reais), and you can also trade directly on the USDT / CBRL pair.
Bleutrade is an International Exchange, based in Europe and with more than 6 years of experience in global market. They have dozens of crypto pairs in their platform, and now they are supporting the USDT/CBRL pair. It brings a new level of privacy to their Brazilian customers.
VirgoX is a revolutionary one-stop stablecoin focused digital asset trading platform inspired by global adoptions of stablecoins and growing demands for integrated exchange services. VirgoX offers spot & contracts trading.



Crypto-BRL, or cBRL, has a one-to-one parity cryptocurrency (1: 1) with Brazilian currency (BRL). Developed using the ERC20 standard, the token is based on Ethereum blockchain technology.


Any institution can apply for a voluntary auditor. These auditors are allowed to access,the "read only" mode, only to the real-money-backed account (s).


CryptoBRL will have a wide range of new applications with liquidity and credibility, all in a distributed and transparent manner, as detailed in the Whitepaper.


Concerning the credibility of CryptoBRL tokens repurchase capacity, they will be distributed through voluntary auditors, as well as the monthly and public presentation of the balances that allow the tokens to circulate.

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